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Welcome to EleniYoga

Dru for Body and Soul


Dru Yoga classes in Coalpit Heath, Alveston & Rangeworthy,
South Gloucestershire

Stretch your muscles,

Relax your body,

Calm your mind

 Gentle, relaxing Yoga for ALL shapes, sizes & ages




"I really enjoyed your class last night, I felt so relaxed afterwards and the feeling continued through this morning, amazing. "


"Your classes help restore peace and order in my life - looking forward to next week already." 

"Just to let you know - my blood pressure has gone down from 154 yesterday to 124 after yoga today !! Wow !! I was expecting it to have gone down – but didn’t think it would be that much !"

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class last night.  You created such a warm and grounded energy and I really got a lot from it. 


Hi! I'm Helen and I teach Dru Yoga for your mind and body, provide Back Care classes to keep you moving and, as a certified Dru Breath coach, can help you to live better by breathing better.

















Why Dru? Well, I came to Yoga relatively late in life and I remember approaching my first Dru Yoga class with trepidation: Would I be too fat? Too stiff? Too old? Visions of fashionably lycra clad, svelte, bendy 20 somethings played in my imagination.  I walked into the class...and most people were just your average human being - some were thin, some not so; some were bendy, some were less so; some were older than me and some younger and most were just dressed for comfort!

I left that class walking on air, I felt so relaxed and at peace (my body knew that it had moved in different ways, but felt great for it). So much so that, from the very first, I tried to practice most days and when the opportunity presented itself to train as a Dru Yoga teacher I was thrilled to be able to learn to pass on this beautiful, gentle form of Yoga.

But what IS Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga has its roots in Hatha Yoga and incorporates yoga postures, flowing sequences, visualisations and affirmations, working with our breath to calm and still the mind and reinforce a positive mindset. It is very accessible to all and gradually improves strength, flexibility and core stability.  Classes are adapted to ensure that all students are able to participate and benefit.

And what happens in a class?

Each class usually consists of 4 main sections:


A short sequence of warm up movements

Energy Block Release

Various sequences of movements designed to encourage and direct the energy flow throughout the body

Asanas (postures) and Sequences

What most people think of when they envisage yoga!

Deep Relaxation

A guided relaxation for body and mind.

So why not book in and try a class? Trial classes are just £6.50 (all classes must be booked in advance)

I really look forward to meeting you!

If you would like to arrange a private class (whether for Yoga, Back Care or Breath Coaching) for you as an individual or for a small group of friends or colleagues, please get in touch.


"Helen's yoga sessions are excellent. She clearly enjoys teaching and her enthusiasm is infectious. As a health professional and practitioner, I could not recommend her classes more highly."

"Lovely class last week, it’s great how you give us all the options to a move or position so we can all find our “happy”!"

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Get In Touch

0790 550 1388

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Thank you, I'll be in touch soon!

Weekly Classes

At the Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath, Bristol

BS36 2TG



6.00pm - 7.15pm

7.30pm - 8.45pm

Zoom Online 


6.15pm - 7.30pm

At Rangeworthy Village Hall, Wotton Road, Rangeworthy BS37 7LZ 


9.45am - 11.00am


6.00pm - 7.15pm


7.45pm - 9.00pm

At Alveston Youth Centre 

Greenhill, Alveston BS35 2QX


9.45am - 11.00am

Trial class £6.50

Single class (if available) £9.00

4 class term £32

"A great class to help restore some calm to body and mind in the middle of the week. Suitable for all abilities and the deep relaxation session at the end of the class is wonderful." 


"Completely recommend Helen's classes....her enthusiasm and love for her subject shines through... I look forward to Monday night's all through the week and it helps to restore order in a busy and hectic life!"

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